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Innovative Indoor Gardening Supplies & Hydroponic Systems

At Harvest Moon Hydroponics in Foxborough, Massachusetts, we offer complete indoor gardening supplies, including hydroponic systems and all types of fertilizer. You'll find everything you need to start and maintain a beautiful indoor garden with us on your side.

Indoor Gardening Supplies

Stop by our store and you'll find all sorts of light systems, hydroponic systems, and organic gardening supplies. Sun System™ lighting is available, and we offer three different brands of digital HID lighting systems: Phantom, Extra Sun, and Galaxy Ballasts. These are available in all wattages, and offer 20% electricity savings while emitting 15% more light than your standard ballasts.

Rely on Us for:

• pH Adjusters
• Pest Control Products
• Odor Control Equipment
• Environmental Controls
• Grow Rooms
• Heating Pads
• Plumbing Devices
• Growth Enhancements
• Hydroponic Systems
• Growth Mediums
• Organic Fertilizer
• Synthetic Fertilizer
• Lights & Lamps
• Water Pumps

Induction Lighting

For your convenience, we now offer the newest in revolutionary horticultural lighting, the Induction Lighting Systems by Inda-gro™. Created by Nikola Tesla and patented in 1891, these lights have more usable light per watt than anything else on the market, which enables 420 watts to replace 1000 watts.
Contact us in Foxborough, Massachusetts, to find out more about our selection of premier indoor gardening supplies and hydroponic systems.