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Using a hydroponic system in Rhode Island presents you with a host of advantages. At Harvest Moon Hydroponics, we have compiled a list of these benefits for you to review if you’re considering making an investment in our systems. Anyone can learn how to cultivate plants in this way.

No Soil Needed

This is the most obvious characteristic of hydroponics. Our systems eliminate the need for soil, which can vary greatly in quality from region to region. High-quality soil is very expensive, due to the variety of attributes and nutritional levels. The systems we provide function without soil, while still giving your plants all the nutrients they need to survive.

Water Recycling

Traditional gardening wastes water, because much of the water you pour or spray onto your outdoor plants is lost as it sinks into the ground. Though we hope this water will eventually rejoin the water table, it isn’t always the case. Water you pour into indoor plant receptacles becomes stagnant and encourages harmful bacteria to build a breeding ground, which may eventually kill your plants.

The hydroponic grow systems we provide reroute your water in a continuous loop, which keeps it from becoming stagnant or going to waste. It is the perfect solution to wastewater.

Complete Control of Nutrition Levels

In traditional gardening or farming, it’s difficult to gauge the level of nutrients your plants or crops receive. This is especially true since soil quality is not consistent throughout a field, or even in the same bag. With our Rhode Island hydroponics systems, you don’t have to worry about whether or not each plant is receiving adequate nutrition. You can be confident that the correct levels are maintained, to ensure maximum growth.

No Nutrient Pollution

The inclusive systems we provide keep pollution from entering the outside environment, leaving you with a clean, green solution. One of our goals with hydroponics in Rhode Island is to prevent harmful chemicals from entering the ecosphere, keeping our water and air fresh for all of inhabitants, human or otherwise.

Stable High Yields

With the consistency of hydroponic gardening, you can more accurately forecast your yields based on the levels you set for your plants. The measurable standard of nutrients your plants receive produces a stable yield that is more reliable than traditional gardening methods.

Fewer Pests & Diseases

One observable benefit of our indoor gardening system is the lack of pests and diseases common to outdoor crops and gardens. Being protected inside in a self-enclosed system prevents harmful diseases and inconvenient pests from infiltrating and destroying your plants. And, if you do notice pests starting to creep in, it's much easier to move the plant away from the source of infestation and take care of the problem before it spreads.

Easier Harvesting

The containers used in Rhode Island hydroponics are specially engineered to make harvesting faster and easier than it is outside. The harvesting process is shortened, giving your plants more valuable time to grow and reach their maximum potential. There is less waste and less plant material lost than in traditional harvesting methods. Conservation is truly the cornerstone of a great hydroponics system!

No Pesticide Damage

Because pests no longer pose such a large threat, harmful pesticides are rendered unnecessary in indoor gardening. You won't have to worry about the damage pesticides can do to your plants, seeds and fruits. The effects of pesticides on the environment are totally avoided—yet another benefit to the local ecosystem. It's easy to see why people have taken so quickly and fervently to hydroponics island and Massachusetts. At Harvest Moon Hydroponics, we want to help gardeners everywhere embrace these incredible, light systems with our line of complete indoor garden supplies and organic gardening supplies. With the right know-how and set-up, you'll soon be growing your own indoor gardens and reaping the benefits of this exciting innovation in agriculture!
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